Wine and Roses
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Season 1, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date March 11, 2015
Written by Kevin White
Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti
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The Cabin Turkey Shoot

"Wine and Roses" is the sixth episode in the first season of Schitt's Creek. It is the sixth episode overall.

Plot Summery

Johnny's latest networking attempt to make money yields a call back only from Herb Ertlinger, the owner of the local business, Herb Ertlinger Winery, a winery specializing in fruit wines. However, Herb's want is not for Johnny's help in distribution as the latter assumed, but Moira to become the company spokesperson in a series of commercials. Despite detesting the wine itself, Moira agrees as she sees it as being her acting comeback vehicle. Meanwhile, David believes, since he has not been able to sleep since arriving in Schitt's Creek, that he is suffering from some major malady, which is made all the more distressing when he learns there is no hospital in town. What he does learn from the local "doctor" Ted Mullens is that he is having a panic attack, which he and Alexis always believed was something made-up by celebrities. Regardless, David takes measures to overcome his affliction, and Alexis is still doing community service work with Mutt. A couple of subsequent situations allow Alexis to get up close and personal with Mutt, while the same happens for David and an unexpected townsperson.



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