Sebastien Raine
Season 3, Episode 10
Vital statistics
Air date March 14, 2017
Written by Kevin White
Directed by T.W. Peacocke
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The Affair Stop Saying Lice!

"Sebastien Raine" is the tenth episode in the third season of Schitt's Creek. It is the thirty-sixth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Moira has set up a meeting in Schitt's Creek with her friend, renowned New York based photographer Sebastien Raine, to discuss a collaboration, which Moira envisions her as the paid subject, the photos to be taken in some exotic locale. What Moira fails to remember - even after being told - is that Sebastien is one of David's old boyfriends, their break-up, at least on David's side, being acrimonious as David finally came to the conclusion that Sebastien is a user. The meeting between Sebastien and Moira and the reunion between Sebastien and David don't go quite according to Moira or David's plans, or do they? Meanwhile, Roland is trying to avoid Bob as the latter is trying to set up his regular poker nights again, which Roland doesn't want to attend. Johnny will find out why as he does go to the first of those poker games with the regulars - Roland, Ronnie and Ray - where the usual happens: Bob wins big. During the proceedings, Johnny comes up with a theory based on what he sees that evening: that Bob, with Gwen's help, is cheating. Telling the other three players of his theory, they decide to test the theory, obviously without Bob or Gwen's knowledge of what they are doing. And Alexis needs some quick volunteer hours, within the next two weeks, as part of her graduation requirements. Ted invites her to accompany him to one of his regular volunteer activities: dance night at a seniors facility. Beyond needing to get over the "ew" factor of dealing with old people, Alexis will find the event to be an illuminating one.



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