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Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy), a wealthy video store magnate and his wife Moira (Catherine O'Hara), a washed up soap star, who, after losing all their money to dubious investments, are forced to rebuild their lives in their only remaining asset: the small town of Schitt's Creek, which they once purchased as a joke gift for the birthday of one of their children. They wind up living in two adjacent rooms of a rundown motel with their pampered adult children; a son David (Daniel Levy), a super uber pansexual hipster and a daughter, Alexis (Annie Murphy), a selfish, club-going, socialite. The cast also includes Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson and Emily Hampshire. The show is based on a series of hilarious situations which involve the once filthy rich family and their big city, worldly attitudes suddenly confronted by small town living, with honest, down to earth, hard working folk providing the backdrop.

Schitt's Creek - Season 5 Trailer

Schitt's Creek - Season 5 Trailer

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David: "Question: The cedar planks out behind the motel, are they being used for something or are they up for grabs?"

Stevie: "How do you know it's cedar?"

David: "I bought a cologne once in Japan that's supposed to smell like the aftermath of a car crashing into a cedar tree."

- David Rose and Stevie Budd, Jazzagals

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