Where Everyone Fits In!
— Town slogan

Schitt's Creek is a small Canadian town founded in the late nineteenth century by Horace Schitt. The town has very few businesses and places of interest and is the home of honest, down to earth, and hard working folk.

The town is the primary setting of the television series of the same name.

Inside Schitt's Creek- Welcome to Town

Inside Schitt's Creek- Welcome to Town

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Schitt's Creek Town Hall

The town of Schitt's Creek is governed by a Mayor and a small Town Council. Together the duel government bodies work closely to sort out and solve problems in the town. They are also responsible for frequently calling town meetings.

The Council and Mayor offices are located in the Schitt's Creek Town Hall, incorporated in 1895.


R schitt

Roland N. Schitt, mayor

An the old Schitt's Creek saying goes, "Who needs elections when you can keep having sons?", as the town has been led by the Schitt family for generations. The current mayor being Roland Schitt.

Town Council