"Where Everyone Fits In!"

Schitt's Creek is a small town with very few businesses and places of interest, as well as the home of honest, down to earth, and hard working folk. The town is the primary setting of the television series of the same name.

Places of Interest Edit

Schitt's Creek Motel Edit

Food 1

Schitt's Creek Motel

The Schitt’s Creek Motel offers a wide range of accommodations, from rooms with two beds, to rooms with one, to rooms with one or two beds and the option of a cot. Beds have box spring-supported mattresses, and each room has a round-screened TV. A continental breakfast of pastries and coffee is available in the morning.


Cafe Tropical Edit

Food 2

Cafe Tropical

Cafe Tropical is a diner that serves standard cafe food, but also specializes in a number options such as Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine. Waitress Twyla Sands is known for her singular creations served at the cafe, such as the "Surprise-Me-Smoothie" and the "Greens-Free Salad". For vegetarians, meat can be removed from most dishes. On Tuesday nights, there is Group Sudoku with Gwen Currie.


Bob's Garage Edit


Bob's Garage

Bob's Garage is an auto-shop where Bob Currie will fix your broken down vehicle, or even sell you an even more broken down vehicle, for a heavy price. Established in 1943.


Ted's Veterinary Office Edit

Ted's Veterinary Office services the domesticated animals of Schitt's Creek.


Schitt's Creek High School Edit


Schitt's Creek High School

The Schitt's Creek High School is the only institution in Schitt's Creek where education is provided. Established in 1923.


Rose Apothecary Edit

The Rose Apothecary is a store where the inhabitants of Schitt's Creek can purchase an assortment of items ranging from lotions, shampoos, body milks, cat-hair scarfs, coffee, tea, and produce. The apothecary was formerly called the Schitt's Creek General Store before it closed down.


The Moira's Rose's Garden Edit

The Moira's Rose's Garden is a town garden space where flowers bloom for the public eye. The garden is named after town councilor Moira Rose.

Politics Edit

PicsArt 07-13-08.33.34

Schitt's Creek Town Hall

The town of Schitt's Creek is governed by a Mayor and a small Town Council. Together the duel government bodies work closely to sort out and solve problems in the town. They are also responsible for frequently calling town meetings.

The Council and Mayor offices are located in the Schitt's Creek Town Hall, incorporated in 1895.

Mayor Edit

R schitt

Roland N. Schitt, mayor

An the old Schitt's Creek saying goes, "Who needs elections when you keep having sons?", as the town has been led by the Schitt family for generations. The current mayor being Roland Schitt.

Town Council Edit

Councilors include:

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