Ronnie's Party
Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date March 8, 2016
Written by Matt Kippen
Directed by Paul Fox
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"Ronnie's Party" is the tenth episode in the second season of Schitt's Creek. It is the twenty-third episode overall.


After learning that Jocelyn held a campaign party to woo prospective key voting groups, Moira feels she has to do the same. She starts working for Ronnie's endorsement, Ronnie who implies that she and a group of women are open to lending their support to whichever candidate is willing to work toward the wants of their key demographic, a party for who Ronnie will hold at which Moira can speak. Moira makes some assumptions as to what that key demographic is, which may make an ass out of her if her assumption is wrong. Meanwhile, Wendy, David's boss, is having problems in her personal life. Despite not liking kids, David feels he has no choice but to agree to Wendy's request to act as a sitter for her teenage stepdaughter, Mandy. David may find that he has more to overcome in connecting with Mandy than just the differences in their ages. And Alexis, who wants to be treated like a professional, learns that there is more to being Ted's medical receptionist than just socializing with Doris, Ted's chronic hypochondriac client, who is in the clinic every week with issues around her relatively healthy cat, Mittens. An issue concerning Doris may dictate whether Alexis makes it past her first few days in the job.



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