R schitt

Roland N. Schitt is a fourth generation Schitt and the Mayor of the town that bears his name. Roland might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but he’s no push over either and delights in messing with Johnny’s head.

Before marrying his wife Jocelyn, Roland enjoyed an active love life, making full use of every room in the Schitt's Creek Motel—a fact he likes to share with its current guests. In addition to being Mayor, Roland considers himself the Law in Schitt's Creek, though he's willing to bend a few rules for his new friend Johnny. Roland loves to remind Johnny not to bite the hand that feeds him, even if that hand is wrist-deep in a bowl of mac and cheese. With beer gut and mullet, Roland is Johnny’s white trash nemesis.

Roland is highly attuned to the nuances of local politics, although he’ll rarely lift a finger to institute any actual change. He’s blunt, forthright, and will always tell you what’s on his mind – even if you absolutely didn’t need to hear it.


Season 1Edit

  • Our Cup Runneth Over
  • The Drip
  • Don't Worry, It's His Sister
  • Bad Parents
  • The Cabin
  • Turkey Shoot
  • Allez-Vous
  • Carl's Funeral
  • Honeymoon
  • Surprise Party
  • Town for Sale

Season 2Edit

  • Finding David
  • Family Dinner
  • Jazzagals
  • Estate Sale
  • Bob's Bagels
  • Moira vs. Town Council
  • The Candidate
  • Milk Money
  • Ronnie's Party
  • The Motel Guest
  • Lawn Signs
  • Happy Anniversary

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