Pregnancy Test
Season 4, Episode 2
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Air date January 16, 2018
Written by David West Read
Directed by Sturla Gunnarsson
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"Pregnancy Test" is the second episode in the fourth season of Schitt's Creek.

Plot Summary Edit

In emptying Alexis' garbage, Johnny discovers a used, positive pregnancy test. Sharing his find with Moira and David, they all naturally assume Alexis is pregnant with Ted's child. Johnny decides to confront Alexis about the find, but his oblique talk makes Alexis believe that he has found out about another secret: that she has enrolled at Elmdale College, which she wants to do all on her own, without her father's interference. She believes this education will be yet another major turning point in her life, especially by what she sees in the college's brochure. She will quickly learn how much the brochure will reflect the bitter reality of her educational experience. Within this situation, the actual mother-to-be is having trouble telling the future father-to-be of the pregnancy. Meanwhile, David and Patrick are having problems trying to find a place where they can have some alone time together, the motel and Patrick's room at Ray's not possible options. Learning of their predicament, Stevie offers them her apartment. They will find that Stevie has ulterior motives in the offer, one of those motives, which they discover at the apartment, possibly affecting their night together.

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