Our Cup Runneth Over
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Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date February 11, 2015
Written by Daniel Levy
Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti
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N/A The Drip

"Our Cup Runneth Over" is the first episode in the first season of Schitt's Creek. It is the first episode overall.

Plot Summery

The once opulently rich Rose family, following news that their now absent business manager has left them financially ruined by not paying their taxes, are left by the government with only a modest income and one asset: the town of Schitt's Creek. Family patriarch Johnny purchased the backwater town over twenty years ago solely as a joke for his son David, who didn't even know about it. As it is their sole asset, they are forced to live there, in two rooms at the local run-down motel, until they figure out a way to get back on their feet. In Schitt's Creek, they will initially mostly have to interact with Stevie Budd, the front desk receptionist who prides herself on not doing anything, and the town's mayor, Roland Schitt, a socially unaware redneck. Their daughter Alexis believes she has a plan to save herself - and only herself - from this new life, the rest of her family be damned. Johnny will learn that despite his disdain for Roland, it is best to keep on the mayor's good side.