Opening Night
Season 3, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date January 10, 2017
Written by Daniel Levy
Directed by T.W. Peacocke
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Happy Anniversary (season 2) The Throuple

"Opening Night" is the first episode in the third season of Schitt's Creek. It is the twenty-seventh episode overall.

Plot Summary

David and Stevie learn that they are both in a sexual relationship with Jake, which catches them both off guard. While they want to appear cool in being all right with the situation while in reality they are uncomfortable with it, they can't help wonder if there are more of them out there that they don't know about. Moira is attending her first town council meeting as a councilor. She treats it like the theatre, where she believes the main goal of councilors is to keep the people in the gallery in their seats instead of leaving at any point during the meeting. In the process of learning what the true purpose of a council meeting is, Moira may learn the fine art of being a politician: talking but not really saying anything. As Mutt and Tennessee are planning on taking an overnight drive, Mutt asks Alexis to take care of the barn while they're away. None of Mutt, Tennessee, Alexis or Ted may ultimately feel comfortable with the interaction between the four of them concerning the situation. And Bob has rented out what was Johnny's office space to someone else. Using the café instead as his office to take a meeting that doesn't go quite the way he wants, Johnny begins to feel emasculated as the only one within the Rose family that is not bringing in a steady income.



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