New Car
Season 3, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date January 24, 2017
Written by Kevin White
Directed by Paul Fox
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The Throuple Driving Test

"New Car" is the third episode in the third season of Schitt's Creek. It is the twenty-ninth episode overall.

Plot Summary

Johnny wants to buy a car - feeling left out as even those in town who seemingly have no money, such as Stevie, own a car - he setting a budget of $4,000, most of that being David's money. Moira wants to accompany him to the car dealership if only so that he won't buy anything impractical as he has done in the past, while David counsels them that to get a better deal, they need to appear poor, a stretch considering that Johnny's wardrobe consists solely of business attire. The goal of getting a practical car at the best price within this budget changes for Moira once they reach the used car dealership. Meanwhile, Ted arrives into work with a black eye, reluctant to divulge how it got it. Based on events in the clinic that morning, Alexis assumes that it was from a rough sexual encounter. Regardless of if that is the true reason, this assumption by Alexis leads to Ted and she coming to a new understanding in their professional and personal lives. And Stevie learns that her Great Aunt Maureen has passed away. As she was a woman who most people did not like, Stevie is left to deal with the funeral arrangements. As Stevie seems to be overwhelmed by everything happening, David reluctantly offers his assistance in the matter. In the process, David learns why Great Aunt Maureen's death is so difficult for Stevie.