Mutt Schitt is Roland and Jocelyn's formerly-estranged son and a rugged farm boy who turns the heads of the young ladies of Schitt's Creek, especially Alexis Rose.

A lover of nature, Mutt collects compostable materials on behalf of the town, but his love of certain "plants" has landed him in community service with Alexis. Mutt isn't much of a conversationalist, but when Alexis's jaw is hanging open, staring at his washboard abs, there's not much to talk about anyway.


Season 1Edit

  • The Drip
  • Don't Worry, It's His Sister
  • Bad Parents
  • The Cabin
  • Wine and Roses
  • Turkey Shoot
  • Allez-Vous
  • Honeymoon
  • Little Sister
  • Surprise Party
  • Town for Sale

Season 2Edit

  • Finding David
  • Family Dinner
  • Jazzagals
  • Estate Sale
  • Bob's Bagels
  • Moira vs. Town Council
  • Happy Anniversary

Season 3Edit

  • Opening Night


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