Friends & Family
Season 3, Episode 12
Vital statistics
Air date March 28, 2017
Written by David West Read
Directed by Paul Fox
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Stop Saying Lice! Grad Night

"Friends & Family" is the twelfth episode in the third season of Schitt's Creek. It is the thirty-eighth episode overall.

Plot Summary

David and Patrick's store, Rose Apothecary, is just about ready to open. Patrick wants to do the launch big, with a full page newspaper ad announcing the official opening day among other things. However, David, as the senior partner, makes the ultimate decision of a soft launch, with only family and close friends being officially told and being offered a 25% discount that day. The more and more that David talks to people in town, whether it be about the store or something else, the more that David believes the opening will be nothing like he imagined. Only opening day will tell. Meanwhile, Alexis finds out that she passed her exams, meaning that she has graduated. On the excitement of the moment, Alexis and Ted share a kiss. They have to figure out not only if the kiss means anything, but how they will proceed from that moment. And Moira has discovered something from their past life that was not sold among their possessions and which she has shipped to the motel as a surprise gift for Johnny: a life sized portrait of the family that used to hang in the grand hall of their old house. While the over-sized portrait does remind Johnny and Moira of their past life, they have to decide if it still represents who they are, for good or bad, let alone where they should hang it.



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