Finding David
Season 2, Episode 1
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Air date March 16, 2016
Written by Daniel Levy
Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti
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Town for Sale (season 1) Family Dinner

"Finding David" is the first episode in the second season of Schitt's Creek. It is the fourteenth episode overall.

Plot Summary

With David's proposition to Stevie on the belief that the Roses will finally be leaving Schitt's Creek for good, and then finding out that the sale of the town doesn't go through, David, in emotional turmoil, steals Roland's truck and goes missing, now for three days. While there are some people, seemingly including Stevie, who are truly concerned for David and making sure that he is all right, some people have other things on their mind. Roland is more concerned about the state of his truck. Moira is concerned about how she believes David is supporting himself at her expense. And Alexis is focused on making her and David's twin beds into one king sized bed for herself, while being in a moral conundrum of having had sex with Mutt, with who she wants to do it with again, but technically being engaged to Ted. On the other end, if David is alive, he will be exerting his "Davidness" on any poor sole who may have tried to help him.



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