Dead Guy in Room 4
Season 4, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date January 9, 2018
Written by Daniel Levy
Directed by Bruce McCulloch
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"Dead Guy in Room 4" is the first episode in the fourth season of Schitt's Creek. It is the fortieth episode overall.

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It's the morning after Alexis' graduation and David's birthday, which ended up being the latter's first date with Patrick. The night which also ended with David kissing Patrick, and the motel selling out for the first time. What should be a happy time for all ends up being marred for the Roses when Stevie informs them that she found the elderly guest in Room 4 dead in his bed, most likely from natural causes. Johnny and Stevie, as co-owners of the motel, have to deal with removing the dead body without causing a panic among the other guests. A slip of the tongue leads to one other person that may be an added problem in the situation being in the know, because the upcoming night is sold out and it will take a day to disinfect Room 4. Johnny makes the decision that David and Alexis' room needs to be used for a paying guest, which means that David and Alexis have to make alternate sleeping arrangements for the night. As such, David and Alexis will end up testing out their new relationships with Patrick and Ted respectively as their decided places to crash. Meanwhile, someone else among those at the motel believes she may be responsible for the death in Room 4, she not knowing what to do about it.

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