Asbestos Fest
Season 4, Episode 3
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Air date January 23, 2018
Written by Monica Heisey
Directed by Bruce McCulloch
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"Asbestos Fest" is the third episode in the fourth season of Schitt's Creek. It is the forty-second episode overall.

Plot Summary Edit

Asbestos Fest, a fundraiser organized by Jocelyn to rid the town of its asbestos, has Moira as its heading act, who plans to resurrect one of her old television routines for the show. Beyond the exasperation Jocelyn feels towards Moira, who will not commit to any one of three routines on the day before the show, Asbestos Fest may not go on at all. At least not with Moira, because of a comment made by David which makes her start working on her psyche. Meanwhile, Roland mentions that he has "a guy" who would be a perfect addition to the motel staff, which leads to Stevie admitting to Johnny that they really could use the help, especially as the latter won't do any of the literal heavy lifting. In deciding to give Roland's "guy" a chance, Johnny and Stevie may come to regret their decision despite the background story of that guy. And David and Patrick are having a disagreement about four teen boys who are constantly hanging out in front of their store. While Patrick believes they are scaring away legitimate customers, David thinks they add ambiance to the establishment, and are legitimate customers in that they do make purchases, even if it's only been a single pack of gum. David's perspective may be tainted by the fact that they constantly compliment him on his fashion sense. Alexis, who's in the store to ask Patrick for help with her school work, may have a clearer picture of what is happening with the four teens based on her own experience as a teenager.

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